Terms and Conditions

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You are welcome to post on the forums and say your say, you are welcome to disagree forcefully with other members.

Any member posting any content which is illegal in the United Kingdom or illegal worldwide is strictly prohibited on the www.talkanger.com forums and website.

Breaking the terms of conditions of this website may result in your account being removed from the website.

You can download a file containing all your personal data posted from the website. If you delete your account via the interface, your forum posts will become anonymous. All your personal data will be removed from our servers automatically, we will not retain your data.

You can also make a request to have your account deleted to us via the contact form also, if you tell us your username, we can delete all your forum posts.

If you come across an issue where you try to post in the forum, but you get an error message, this could be because posts which contain words on the site ban list are blocked from posting on the site.

If you have any concerns or wish to notify us about forum content which breaches the terms and conditions of this website, please contact us via the contact form page.

Happy Talk Angering!