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      Lord Barfy
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      It’s more like a list for me… The world has changed, you see. I mean it’s unrecognisable from even thirty years ago. I was excited about what was to come as a young adult. Anything seemed possible. Now, we are heading toward a dark era of dystopian anti-prosperity. Poverty and mental illness is driving the planetary nation to acts of suicide and destruction.

      I feel the dehumanised desensitised presentation of horrible news stories shoved daily down our throats by driven money-motivated moguls have orchestrated much of the depression that many of us feel.

      Propagandist mechanisms have flooded our minds with false information, first it was the Press, THEN Television and now the Internet. Conspiracies are mooted as though factual, when actually they’re paranoias proven by the evidence of ‘this bloke told me at the pub’…

      The dulling of humanity through poor education and technological advances in social media manipulation have given even the thickest soul a voice. Danger lurks upon the restless lips of the clinically insane whom we then reward with presidencies and other seats from which to wield the big stick, ultimate power… Bring back simplistic life, let’s reload our Matrix with the Eighties… yay…

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