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Chris Barfoot
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The fault with the cyclist/driver analogy is that drivers ARE just as important as cyclists- because drivers must be watchful and accommodating, or cyclists can get hurt. A mutual respect is entirely relevant.

Black people are targeted by ‘some’ white folk and often other black folk too… We see it manifest in music culture, gang violence etc.

Here’s what I think- as long as we segregate black from white, white from black… distinguish each other by colour… we will always stand apart. Historically, identity- whether given or self-created- is born of culture and pain and expressionism and debate and bravery and cowardice and fear and anger…

Black lives matter… yes they do… but to trophy one skin colour above another is the same philosophy that led to enslavement in the first place. True equality doesn’t recognise colour or sexuality. It just gets on with the business of ‘being’. We will always be judged- but as human beings. We will one day be recognised – not for ‘type’ but for achievement or failure… as one people.

American gun culture must change- policing must change and criminal activities must cease- Impossible isn’t it? Why? Change any one thing from this little list and the other things change with it. Pick an ideal… and make it happen.