Had Enough?

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Tell the world your story. Get advice or give advice. Bond or break with the global community. Everybody has worth, everybody has something to say. Talk Anger…

The inability to cope is rife in modern life. Financial, emotional, political etc stresses and fears have crushed us. It doesn’t have to be that way. Don’t fall into the pit of despair, rise up, speak up, speak out, be heard. Address the issues that invite your frustrations, turn your problems into words, quell the burning anger, interact with like-minded and even other-minded souls.

THIS IS NOT A HATE SITE ! Here you can impart that- which grips your proverbial poop. Offer your thoughts for debate. We don’t want ‘Trolls or Nazis or Racists’. We will delete you if your venting is hardline offensive.

This is ‘the’ opinion site, ‘the’ platform for your posts, poetry or prose. ‘Here’ you will find peace amid the silent noise of text debate. The use of the forums and website is completely free, just register as a user at the top of the webpage!

Now, click the ‘FORUMS‘ button and get started, also, add friends and send private messages; or even chat in the live chatroom!


Start topics under the forum titles… Create your own content. Remember- talk anger – not rant hate.

TALKANGER.COM is the global chatroom magazine – here to stimulate, create, draw out & debate with you, brilliant & vocal sometimes loco from far/wide & even local vibe being genius’ scribes.